Being Human

I have a sweatshirt from U Conn that I got at a garage sale for $1 in 1990. It is ratty and ugly beyond belief but it is a woobie for me. I have experienced so many little but important moments in that rag that it is a reminder of love lost and progress made.
— Julie, organic food consultant and powerlifter
Workwear has always been huge for me. Oversized pockets, clean lines, tonal fastenings, utilitarian construction, all of it. It’s neat and tidy, but approachable
— Margaret, creative consultant and stylist
One minute I can be the Gucci floral girl, and the next I’m minimal Rick Owens dark lord princess.
— Kaidon, artist
I got rid of 3/4 of my closet 3 years ago, and realized I had lost who I was entirely in an effort to be everything to everyone. Every single morning, I had to wake up and decide which version of Janelle I was supposed to be that day - and it was exhausting. That’s also when I made the decision to only buy ethical and/or second-hand from there on out.
— Janelle, ethical clothing advocate