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Julie Holloway is a powerlifter and organic food consultant based in Austin. She began powerlifting at the age of 54, and has since set eight American records.

Julie has always enjoyed being active, and plans to compete in national competitions, aiming to set more national and international records. “I am very proud of the progress that I’ve made,” she says, “and feeling strong is amazing!”
When she’s not competing, she works for a major natural and organic food retailer, focusing on setting standards for what kinds of products are carried in their stores based on products’ ingredients.

Julie’s dedication to staying active and ensuring the health of others through her professional career is what inspires us and makes us want to explore further what “Being Julie” means.

What garment do you have an emotional attachment to that you can’t let go, and why?

I have a sweat shirt from U Conn that I got at a garage sale for $1 in 1990. It is ratty and ugly beyond belief but it is a woobie for me. I have experienced so many little but important moments in that rag that it is a reminder of love lost and progress made.

Do any particular cultural styles/uniforms/references resonate with you?

I was born in 1960 in an area that rocked preppy hard. Reflexively I will still be drawn to that but am truly a fan of the perfect white t-shirt, faded and soft sexy jeans, boots and some kinda cool jacket. I am huge fan of quality products with a good hand and casual elegance. Wear the clothes don't let them wear you.

What does "Being Julie" mean to you with regards to your personal style and the way you express yourself?

I love dressing the Julie Doll and love to mix it up. Somedays I'm sophisticated and somedays I'm a tomboy/jock. I'm a rocker one day and softly ladylike the next. My mood is reflected and enhanced by my style choice. Watch when I'm wearing a fedora!

Who do you look to for inspiration?

I often think of my grandmother, Rue, and what she would think of things. She was a style icon.

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