The daily routine for a busy modern woman is hectic. I know first-hand, keeping fit, running a business and being mum to a 6 year old keeps me moving all day long and changing outfits frequently to always look my best.

I designed Being Apparel to make the daily routine easier for woman who have busy lifestyles, women who love the comfort and versatility of their yoga pants, but need to elevate their look throughout the day. I wanted ethically sourced and produced garments made from luxurious fabrics that I could mix and match as I moved from one activity to another.

I wanted a simpler wardrobe that made it easy for me to look a feel great with minimal effort. I also wanted quality that lasts, not throw away fast fashion.

I couldn’t find a clothing line that delivered all of these features, so using the expertise I gained working in the fashion industry for over 15 years I created one.


With Love

Shonagh Speirs, founder Being Apparel.


Our Vision

Being Apparel’s vision is to empower women to embrace a healthy, active, and fulfilled lifestyle, and to make every second count, doing so with poise and grace.

Being Apparel offers a directional, functional, and versatile capsule collection of interchangeable garments that support the daily activities and roles of the modern woman.

We use time-honored couture pattern cutting techniques to provide the perfect proportions, drape, and silhouette. Bamboo and tencel are eco-friendly super fabrics; luxurious to touch, while remaining strong and versatile.

Our beautiful seamless activewear, draped jersey dresses, and soft tailoring help you transition through the day with comfort, ease, and style.

We Believe In

  • Celebrating Women – We believe in celebrating women, and will pay homage to women past and present, who have touched our lives and made a difference. We recognise important role models and share their stories to help empower the next generation of amazing young women.
  • Healthy Body | Healthy mind – We believe that the foundations of a fulfilled lifestyle start with a healthy body and a healthy mind. We designed our collection around a foundation of activewear, helping enable a daily yoga practice or athletic activity. We encourage you to make time to take care of your body and mind in your busy daily schedule.
  • Acknowledging the Creative Process – We believe in giving recognition to the incredible artisans, ateliers, and creatives who work with us to bring being apparel to fruition. We share with you their talents, inspirations, processes, and methods.
  • Slow Fashion Practices – We believe in responsible consumption. We will produce quality over quantity, and design our collection with integrity, versatility, and longevity in mind. We produce all garments responsibly, ensuring everyone in the supply chain is treated and paid fairly.