We believe in crafting great products that last. 

All design, pattern cutting, and initial sampling is done in the studio to ensure our signature style. We use time-honored couture pattern cutting practices, designing, and cutting three-dimensionally on the stand, rather than flat on the table, and never in a sterile computer package, detached from the female form.

Our dedication to the design process ensures our garments provide the perfect proportions, drape, and silhouette.

Being Apparel stands apart from fleeting fashion trends. Our collections are a-seasonal, our pieces don't age, and our basics form the foundation of a modern wardrobe. 

We design each garment to stand out on its own, but also to complement other pieces in the collection.

Why 2 -4 weeks delivery time?

In a world full of excess we have made the decision to only produce what our customers want. 

Taking a slow fashion angle means that we custom produce small batches of our garments, reducing waste and allowing us to concentrate on quality and sustainability. 

It might mean that you have to wait 2 -4 weeks, but you can be confident that you are supporting a business that cares about the environment – which is most definitely worth the wait.

All of our garments are made ethically either in the studio or with our manufacturing partners in Austin Texas and Brooklyn, NY.